Exchanges in 2010-2019


Since the founding of the Friendship Force of Derbyshire in 1982 members of the club have participated in exchanges with clubs from around the world and have truly demonstrated that "A World of Friends is a World of Peace".

The following is a complete list of all exchanges in which we have participated:


Outward Exchanges

Inward Exchanges


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 Leuven, Belgium
 Hertfordshire, England

 Greater Denver, USA


 Cottbus, Germany

 San Diego, USA


 Denver and Cheyenne, USA
 Greater Izmir, Turkey

 Pecs, Hungary


 Kiev, Ukraine

 Mount Gambier, Australia


 Pecs, Hungary

 Greater Detroit, USA


 Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland
 Hanover, Germany

 San Jose, Costa Rica


 Tallahassee, USA
 Tuxtla-Gutierrez, Mexico

 Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland
 Curitiba Metropolitano, Brazil



 Tamworth, Australia



 Wellington, New Zealand


 Wellington & South Taranaki, New Zealand


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