Exchanges in 1995-2003


Since the founding of the Friendship Force of Derbyshire in 1982 members of the club have participated in exchanges with clubs from around the world and have truly demonstrated that "A World of Friends is a World of Peace".

The following is a complete list of all exchanges in which we have participated:


Outward Exchanges

Inward Exchanges


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 Gosforth and Mount Gambia, Australia

 Gold Coast, Australia
 Christchurch, New Zealand


 Oregon and Washington, USA

 Sarasota, Florida, USA
 Izmir, Turkey


 Daytona, Florida, & Long Island, NY, USA
 Bogota and Cali, Columbia

 Bakersfield, California, USA


 Limburg, Belgium
 San Antonio and Forth Worth, Texas, USA

 North Colorado and Virginia, USA
 Los Angeles, California, USA
 Tasmania, Australia


 Orlando, Florida, and
     Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA
 Zutphen, The Netherlands

 Wichita, Kansas, USA
 Limburg, Belgium


 Budapest, Hungary

 Sao Paulo, Brazil


 Magdeburg, Germany & Prague, Czech Rep.
 Pennsylvania and Connecticut, USA

 Prague, Czech Republic
 Northumbria, England


 Cleveland, England
 Manchester, England
 Helsingborg, Sweden

 Helsingborg, Sweden
 Moscow, Russia
 Magdeburg, Germany


 Isle of Wight, England
 Hamburg and Kiel, Germany
 Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and
     Kalispell, Montana, USA

 Isle of Wight, England


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